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Stone Island

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Founded in 1982
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The Made in Italy of the Sportswear: Stone Island

Stone Island is a Menswear brand born in 1982 and soon became a symbol of Italian Sportswear. Focused on the men's line, the collections represent practicality and fit, combined with a refined design and the study of the material. Starting from the nylon jackets with monofilaments and reflective or thermosensitive fabrics, the line of men's dresses of Stone Island consists of parka jackets and padded gilets, TNT and waterproof jackets, pants made with reflective fabrics and special processes. The coats or Montgomery in leather and fur, the nylon fiber dungarees, the cargo pants always in nylon stretch or wool, up to the shorts in ventile® or fleece fabric with various fantasies are also part of it. Also for the part of knitwear, the design of Massimo Osti combines the quality of the material, such as wool and cashmere, with functional design, such as in high neck sweaters or with bomber neckline with zip. Men's shoes collection of Stone Island is made up of sneakers or stringed boots, always following the firing of the camouflage that accompanies each piece. The accessories of Stone Island complete the line, with various models of hats or balaclava in wool, protective nylon metal caps, scarves, gloves and belts and finally the men's swimwear line.

The keywords of the identity of Stone Island are undoubtedly Research and Functionality: where in fact we find a deep research and study of the fabric and yarn there is also the functionality of the final product. The concept behind the style of the brand was born from the idea that menswear must first be functional, without clearly neglecting the quality of the product. The image that is therefore carried out is that of simplicity, especially in the lines, however able to always surprise. This is thanks to the insertion of the concept of fashion and design within a company already rich in knowledge of the fabric and manipulations of them. The result is a complete and functional product, of undoubted quality and result of an almost obsessive attention to detail, creating unique clothes in their kind capable of making the figure stand out.

Stone Island brand was born in Modena from the idea of Massimo Osti, already designer at the C.P. Company. Osti was inspired by the double sided fabric used to cover the trucks, thus creating the Tela Stella Jacket, first garment of the history of Stone Island, characterized by the "stone washed", a type of fabric washing that recalls corroded waxes from the sea and the sun. The collection created was then developed for a new sub-brand, more in line with the new identity proposed by the designer. This was how Stone Island was born, a brand with strong ties with nature and with the functionality of the garment compared to it. Then thanks to the entrance to the team of Rivietti, Stone Island continued his path of evolution with the creation of the iconic Ice Jacket, collaborating with the new designer of the brand: Paul Harvey. Each Stone Island signed dress is identified by the iconic Compass Rose, secured by two buttons and affixed as a tag on an army jacket. In 2015, Lorenzo Osti, son of the founder of the brand, joined the company and since 2020 the company has been taken over by the Moncler group, boasting numerous relevant collaborations over time, such as the one with Supreme and New Balance.

Special news

10.09.19 - Stone Island strengthens his sales network opening a second flagship store in Hong Kong

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Stone Island Stone Island `Ghost` Sweatshirt 285.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Slim Fit Polo Shirt 190.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Bermuda 280.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Full-Zip Hoodie 380.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island `Ghost` Bermuda 385.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Padded Jacket 675.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Track Jacket 630.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Full-Zip Hoodie 380.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island `Ghost` Regular Pants 480.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island `Ghost` Sweatshirt 285.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island `Ghost` Padded Jacket 700.00 €
Stone Island Stone Island Hoodie 300.00 €

Stone Island stores in Milan

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Selling Stone Island
Via Giovanni Lanza, 1 20121 Milan Italy
Via P. Paoli, 4 20143 Milan Italy
Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 18 20121 Milan Italy
Via Pasquale Paoli, 1 20143 Milan Italy
Corso Genova, 6 20123 Milan Italy
Via Sant'Andrea 8/A 20121 Milan Italy
Via Cusani, 5 20121 Milan Italy
Corso Venezia, 12 20122 Milan Italy
Corso Genova, 5 20123 Milan Italy
Corso Vercelli, 23 20144 Milan Italy
Viale Vincenzo Lancetti, 28 20158 Milan Italy
Via dei Mercanti, 21 20123 Milan Italy
Stone Island Stone Island Sweater 470.00 €
Stone Island FELPA IN COTONE 145,00 €
Stone Island STONE ISLAND Berretto In Maglia Rasata Beige Con Patch Logo 160.00 €
Stone Island STONE ISLAND JUNIOR Maglia In Cotone Rasato Glicine Price 145.00 € 70 % 43,5 €
reduced price on store's website
Stone Island Stone Island Padded Jacket 535.00 €
Stone Island POLO IN COTONE 85,00 €
Stone Island Felpa Stone Island sweat-shirt tintura non uniforme verde acqua 270.00 €
Stone Island STONE ISLAND JUNIOR Berretto Con Risvolto In Misto Lana Multicolore Price 95.00 € 50 % 47,5 €
reduced price on store's website
Stone Island Stone Island Sweatshirt 250.00 €
Stone Island STONE ISLAND JUNIOR Maglia In Pura Lana Vergine Verde Militare Price 160.00 € 50 % 80 €
reduced price on store's website
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