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Founded in 1911
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Fila, an Italian brand dedicated to footwear, sportswear, everyday and intimate style.

Fila is an Italian brand dedicated to the production and marketing of footwear, sportswear, ordinary and intimate. Founded in 1911 in Piemonte, it has emerged on the global market alongside its own brand champions and sports projects. Since 2007 it is owned by the group Fila Korea, based in Seoul, with operations around the world.

In 1911 the two brothers named Fila implanted in Coggiola, in the province of Biella, a company that produced male and female underwear. On February 9, 1923 was born in Biella, the company Biella Maglificio. The factory produced intimate apparel man, woman, child.

In 1967 Maglificio Biella become Maby - Maglificio Fratelli Fila Biella Spa. The Maglificio, standed out as a reality able to develop within it all the working processes of the fabric from the wire to the finished garment. In 1973 took place the big change: Maby became Fila and Fila Sport and imposed its name in the international market initially with the line tennis, the actual F logo marked by red and blue was created by Sergio Privitera.

The brand's success is completed in the athletic footwear industry, through a successful licensed for distribution in the US, only to prevail even in Europe through a synergy between the two collections of sports shoes, European and American. To mention the presentation of the shoe "Carbonium graphite shoes" tennis one of the first in the world with an insert of a carbon blade.

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521 5th Ave 10175 New York United States
298 Utica Ave, Brooklyn 11213 New York United States
611 5th Ave 10022 New York United States
47 Howard St 10013 New York United States
15 W 34th St 10001 New York United States
34 W 34th St 10001 New York United States
213 W 34th St. 10001 New York United States
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