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The brand Stussy was founded in 1980 by Shawn Stussy, a skateboard maker in California. He started to write his surname on skateboards, T-Shirts, shorts and hats, and selling them from his car around Laguna Beach. The signature was inspired by his uncle Jan Stussy. In 1984 Stussy made a collab with his friend Frank Sinatra Jr., that allowed Stussy's company to expand the brand in Europe. Subsequently he opened a boutique in Soho (NY) and in others american cities and the following years the brand had an enormous success as a brand of streetstyle, thanks to its street vibes. 

Stussy was founded in 1980 by Shawn Stussy, a skateboard maker, and is widely recognized as the first streetwear brand of history.

Shawn Stussy strated by creating and designing skateboardst-shirtshorts and hats with his name on it in Laguna Beach (California), and transformed his passion and his lifestyle in a streetstyle brand.

The impactful signature on skateboards and clothing became immediately an incredible success, supported by the world of skateboarders.

Nowdays the signature is still recognizable everywhere and it's an icon of streetwear for his distinctive authenticity

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62 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris France
10 Rue Beaurepaire 75010 Paris France
22 Little West 12th Street 10014 New York United States
113 Rue de Turenne 75003 Paris France
95 Rue Réaumur 75002 Paris France
10 Rue Pastourelle 75003 Paris France
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