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Founded in 1998
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Arc'teryx " the outdoor clothing revolution "

Arc'teryx is a Canadian sportswear brand specializing in the production of out-door clothing. The function is the main initiative: the brand, in fact, through a high technical quality of materials, is aimed at outdoor and high altitude sports, thanks to the excellent performance of the garments. The women’s clothing collection by Arc'teryx, spokesperson of values such as innovation, quality and sustainability, is complete with jackets in breathable and waterproof technical fabric, pants, sweatshirts and dresses made from recycled materials. There are also accessories such as gloves, wool hats, tracking shoes and sports equipment. The men’s clothing collection follows the same thread: starting from the iconic waterproof and fleece jackets, the brand offers a complete wardrobe of thermal t-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts and shorts in cotton. As for men’s accessories you can find winter hats, scarves, gloves, sports shoes and backpacks.

Arc'teryx stands out for its sporty charm and functional aspect: the brand through the use of technological materials with excellent performance, aims to create collections with a time-less design, durable over time. Innovation and the experimental approach, especially in the textile sector, is the key element for the brand. Arc'teryx through the achievement of high quality standards, has rewritten the values and codes of sportswear. Indispensable is the continuous collaboration with partners such as Gore-Tex and Polartec, world giants in the research and production of high-tech materials. The brand is constantly and concretely committed to raising awareness on environmental issues: from the use of sustainable materials to the realization of the Arc'teryx Used Gear program, aimed at the recycling of used clothing. Arc'teryx through its ideology and with the help of contemporary trends has managed to go beyond the confines of the fashion system not only securing a huge success in the streetwear world but boasting collaborations with luxury brands such as Off- White, Jill Sander and Palace.

Arc'teryx has its roots in the mountains, more precisely in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where the alpinist Dave Lane founded the brand in 1991. The brand consists of three lines: Arc'teryx, the most commercial, Arc'teryx LEAF inspired by the military and Arc'teryx Veilance introduced in 2009, focused on luxury-outwear. A solid ideology hat, through evolution and experimentation across borders, led the brand to the 'out-door clothing revolution.

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Karl Johans Gate 23B 0159 Norway
39 Duke Street BN1 1AG United Kingdom
Via Roma, 106 11013 Italy
Route Ramey, 6 11020 Italy
Route Ramey, 63/A 11020 Italy
535 South St 19147 United States
Via Santa Margherita, 5 31100 Italy
9 Duke Street BN1 1AG United Kingdom
Largo del Pecile, 15 33100 Italy
Friedrichstraße 76-78 10117 Germany
25 rue du Grand Pont 6000 France
Hamngatan 18-20 111 47 Sweden
Centre commercial Cap Sud Avenue de la Croix Rouge 84000 France
6 Rue d'Alsace 49000 France
10, rue René Goscinny 16000 France
72 bd de la République 47000 France
25 avenue du Parmelan 74000 France
28-30 Rue Thiers 64100 France
2, rue des Jacobins 60000 France
44 rue des Granges 25000 France
9 Allée Paul Riquet 34500 France
11-19 rue Sainte Catherine 33000 France
24 Faubourg de France 90000 France
17 19 place Clémenceau 64200 France
17 boulevard de la République 71100 France
Avenue Eugène Donadeï 06700 France
108 – 114 bvd Maréchal Leclerc 14000 France
6 rue du Maréchal Foch 06400 France
19 boulevard de la Colonne 73018 France
12 Place Grenette 38000 France
41-49 rue de la Liberté 21000 France
19 rue Saint Vincent 40100 France
25 place de Jaude 63000 France
31-39 rue du Palais 17000 France
21 rue Gambetta 33500 France
18 rue Georges Clémenceau 85000 France
1 place du général de Gaulle 33210 France
17-21 rue des Minimes 72000 France
Centre commercial Carré Sénart Allée du Préambule 77127 France
6 rue Porte Tourny 87000 France
10, place Alsace Lorraine 56100 France
209-221 Boulevard Pinel 69675 France
4 rue Winston Churchill 57000 France
28 rue Bir Hakeim 13001 France
27 rue de la République 06500 France
Centre Commercial La Part-Dieu 42, boulevard Eugène Deruelle 69003 France
6 avenue Jean Médecin 06000 France
37 – 39 rue Bessières 82000 France
47 rue Victor Hugo 79000 France
2 - 20, rue de la Marne 44024 France
6 rue Thiers 45000 France
33 à 45 Rue de Vesle 51100 France
14, Cours Bosquet Centre commercial BOSQUET 64000 France
1, Place de la Résistance Face au Castillet 66000 France
Rue de Rohan 35000 France
1 Cours National 17100 France
2 Avenue du Général De Gaulle Centre commercial Rosny 93117 France
4 à 8 rue Lapeyrouse 31008 France
28-30 rue Maréchal Foch 65000 France
34 rue du 22 Novembre 67000 France
77 rue Nationale 37000 France
Piaz de Sotegrava, 9 38035 Italy
12 Rue des 3 Cailloux 80000 France
Elandsgracht 57 1016 Netherlands
Potsdamer Strasse 81 10785 Germany
Stephanstraße 3 60313 Germany
34 High Street LE1 5YN United Kingdom
26 Norfolk Street L1 0BE United Kingdom
Carl Johans gate 6 7010 Norway
Olav Kyrres gate 7 5014 Norway
Via Etnea 95121 Italy
Königsallee 2 40212 Germany
Via XX settembre 1870, 25-29 47923 Italy
Petrovsky Boulevard 21 Russia
Karl Johans gate 23 0157 Norway
Via Roma, 289 90133 Italy
Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 15 10100 Italy
Nedre Slottsgate 8 0157 Norway
Centre Commercial Polygone 1 rue des Pertuisanes 34000 France
Via Felice Casati, 29 20124 Italy
Piazza Armando Diaz, 2 20123 Italy
400 Oxford St W1A 1AB United Kingdom
103 Grand-Rue 1661 Luxembourg
39 Brook Street W1K 4JE United Kingdom
99 University Pl 10003 United States
169 Spring St 10012 United States
337 Lafayette St 10012 United States
1931 Collins Ave 33139 United States
253 Post St 94108 United States
80 Wooster St 10012 United States
352 Newbury St 02115 United States
73 Newbury St 02116 United States
13 7th Ave 10011 United States
101 E Chicago Ave 60611 United States
1007 N Rush St 60611 United States
Via dei Mercanti, 21 20123 Italy
Via Roma, 19/21/r 50123 Italy
Promenada 33 7018 Switzerland
1099 H St NW c/o CityCenterDC 20001 United States
Via di Campo Marzio, 73 00186 Italy
via Conegliano 35/3 31053 Italy
Via Felice Cavallotti, 23 50019 Italy
Petrovsky Blvd 21 125047 Russia
Brunnsgatan 9 Sweden
Piazza Fanfulla, 14 43029 Italy
20 Côte de la Fabrique G1R 3V9 Canada
Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 5 28845 Italy
Corso Repubblica 38 28041 Italy
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