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Stores in Verona



A city rich in art, culture and music, Verona is famous above all for the Arena, the balcony of Romeo and Juliet and its historic urban center also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. An inexhaustible source of entertainment and fun but also of emotions, not by chance is the city of love, so beautiful that it makes everyone fall in love with its romantic alleys. But Verona is also the ideal city for quality offline shopping: the whole area is, in fact, renowned for its shoe factories, clothing and leather companies and the excellent production site.

As evidence of this, especially in the historic center among the various monuments of great artistic heritage, there is a strong concentration of any type of shop: from luxury boutiques, which have nothing to envy to the big cities of fashion, as well as shops craft of every kind up to the well-known fast-fashion names.

But let's get to us. The main shopping streets in Verona having to go for their purchases are mainly Via Mazzini, Via Cappello, Corso Porta Borsari, and Piazza Delle Erbe.

Starting from Via Mazzini among the elegant buildings stand out the best boutiques with windows that would make every woman dream ... and not only! From Armani to Gucci, from Louis Vuitton to Trussardi, Prada, Montblanc, Chanel and even Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Bulgari ... all the high fashion brands that make Verona a city compared with the great avant-garde capitals of fashion and taste. The precious multi-brand boutique Al Duca D'Aosta is also located here, where you can find a selection of the most important luxury brands and a constant search for a modern, elegant and refined style.

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+39 045 80 34 172 Verona, Italy
Piazza Erbe 29 , 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 80 34 172
[email protected]
Saturday: 10:30–19:30
10:30–19:30Sunday: 10:30–19:3010:30–19:30
+39 045 457 9741 Verona, Italy
Corso Sant'Anastasia, 41 B, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 457 9741
[email protected]
Saturday: 10:00–19:30
10:00–19:30Sunday: 15:30–19:3015:30–19:30
+39 045 801 5415 Verona, Italy
Corso Porta Borsari, 36-42, 37100 Verona, Italy
+39 045 801 5415
Saturday: 10:00–13:30 15:00–19:30
10:00–13:30 15:00–19:30Sunday: 10:00–13:30 15:00–19:3010:00–13:30 15:00–19:30
+39 045 591280 Verona, Italy
Piazza Erbe, 35, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 591280
Saturday: 10:00–19:30
10:00–19:30Sunday: 10:00–19:3010:00–19:30
+39 045 592051 Verona, Italy
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 56, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 592051
Saturday: 10:00-19:30
10:00-19:30Sunday: 11:00-19:3011:00-19:30
+39 045 472 11 42 Verona, Italy
Via Stella 15, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 472 11 42
[email protected]
Saturday: 10:30-19:30
10:30-19:30Sunday: 10:30-19:3010:30-19:30
+39 045 800 4092 Verona, Italy
Corso S.Anastasia,15 , 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 800 4092
Saturday: 10:00-19:30
10:00-19:30Sunday: 10:00–12:30 15:30–19:3010:00–12:30 15:30–19:30
+39 06 3283 2705 Verona, Italy
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 48, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 06 3283 2705
Saturday: 10:00–20:00
10:00–20:00Sunday: 10:00–20:0010:00–20:00
+39 0458349981 Verona, Italy
Via Mameli, 5/c, 37123 Verona, Italy
+39 0458349981
[email protected]
Saturday: 09:30–12:30 15:30–19:30
09:30–12:30 15:30–19:30Sunday: ClosedClosed
+39 045 8008516 Verona, Italy
Via Mazzini, 66, 37100 Verona, Italy
+39 045 8008516
[email protected]
+39 045 803 4825 Verona, Italy
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 68, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 803 4825
Saturday: 10:00–19:30
10:00–19:30Sunday: 14:30–19:3014:30–19:30
+39 045 800 7626 Verona, Italy
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 29, 37121 Verona, Italy
+39 045 800 7626
Saturday: 10:00–19:30
10:00–19:30Sunday: 10:30-19:3010:30-19:30
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For less demanding purchases or a coffee break, Via Cappello cannot miss: the sublime streets where history, culture and gastronomy are the protagonists. Just think of the fact that here is the Casa di Giulietta, with the renowned balcony that attracts tourists from all over the world, the "Minotauro" which is one of the richest bookshops in the city, and still clothing and footwear stores for everyone as well as perfumeries, fabric shops and elegant cafés. At the end of the street, we see instead of the splendid Porta Leoni and the historic COIN in front of the Civic Library of the city.

Moving towards the majestic Arena, a few steps away we find in Corso Porta Borsari the Folli Follie boutique: an architectural masterpiece where a precious selection of clothing and accessories evolve in a spectacular historical context. On the same street, there are also other boutiques such as Patrizia Pepe, Falconeri, and other ready-to-wear brands.

For fashion lovers with the most demanding tastes, always looking for style and new emerging brands, don't miss the 519 Boutique, which offers a selection of the best contemporary clothing brands with a special eye for accessories, bags and to footwear. Located in Corte Sgarzarie is a must for your shopping.

Moreover, for those who want to immerse themselves in the habits of the Veronese, the markets represent the ideal place for this purpose: from the daily one in Piazza Erbe to the local ones, famous above all for the typical antiques of the city, in which there is any type of goods.

Verona is undoubtedly a city alive and full of charm, which deserves to be lived thanks to the incredible variety it has.

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