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Founded in 1911
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Trussardi, continuous innovation in Italian luxury 

Trussardi is an Italian brand that operates in the contemporary luxury sector, with a history that is based on continuous innovation. It was founded in 1911 in Bergamo as a laboratory for the production and distribution of luxury gloves, founded by Dante Trussardi, becoming one of the most successful companies in the accessories market and official supplier of the British Royal House.

During the 1960s the tradition of leather production was taken to another level, combining quality of materials, avant-garde and workmanship, creating the basis for what is now the brand, with roots firmly rooted in Italian craftsmanship, but constantly renewing itself to create a 360-degree lifestyle brand.

Contemporary style and urban dynamism are the distinctive elements of the Trussardi collections, inspired by the city of Milan and leather, a true essence that makes its clothes elegant and versatile.

The logo depicting a greyhound, was adopted in 1973, represents agility and dynamism, and it is precisely in those years that the first boutique in Milan was opened in via Sant'Andrea.

Trussardi represents fashion, design and food, with restaurant and Caffè, managing to succeed in everything thanks also to numerous artistic collaborations with some brands such as Alitalia, Garelli, Augusta and Alfa Romeo. In 1984 it became the first brand in the world to bring fashion out of the most exclusive locations, directly addressing the public when it moved its Autumn / Winter catwalk to Piazza Duomo Milan.

The concept of innovation, for Trussardi, does not stop: it descends from the catwalks, explores other places, to find expression through other arts, such as design and entertainment. Over the years, this has resulted in numerous cultural initiatives, such as the opening of the Palatrussardi, a new platform suitable for large-scale concerts and events that host numerous performances, and the creation of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation for contemporary art.

Trussardi alla Scala is born, the first flagship building that houses showrooms, boutiques, a Café space and a restaurant: it combines fashion and theater, starting collaborations with Teatro Piccolo in Milan, with the Arena di Verona when it dresses the Macbeth artists and sets up at the Castle Sforza a fashion show.

The creativity of the Trussardi Group has gone through, reinventing itself and renewing itself, the last century of history. The Trussardi Group expands in the world, even in emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, opening single-brand boutiques in Hong Kong, Moscow, Taiwan and creating new innovative concept stores such as the T-Store, a unique and modular space to accommodate all the products of the Trussardi world.

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Via Nazionale 94 87067 Italy
Via Gregorio Caloprese 47/55 87100 Italy
Calle Serrano 82 28006 Spain
Avenida da Liberdade 258 a 1250-096 Portugal
Via Carlo Cattaneo, 32 23900 Italy
Via XX Settembre, 31 75100 Italy
Via Giacomo Matteotti, 93 18038 Italy
Via Giuseppe Manno, 18 09124 Italy
Via XX Settembre, 109 24122 Italy
Corso Vannucci, 55 06121 Italy
Via arniense, 4/6 66100 Italy
Via D. Birago, 11 90134 Italy
Via Ruggero Settimo, 76/78 90141 Italy
Piazza Salvatore, 3 97100 Italy
Corso Umberto I, 10 97015 Italy
Corso Italia, 178 56100 Italy
14 Quai des Bateliers 67000 France
Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 122 95127 Italy
Nazario Sauro 54 64100 Italy
Via Palestro, 55a 44100 Italy
Red Square, 1st Floor, 3rd Line 3 101000 Russia
Corso Umberto I, 44 97015 Italy
Nevsky Ave, 35 191186 Russia
Corso Strada Nuova, 35 27100 Italy
Via Marina Garibaldi, 65 98057 Italy
Leningradskoye Hwy, 16А 125171 Russia
Contrada dei Magazzeni, 7 47890 Republic of San Marino
Via F.lli Cairoli, 37 23900 Italy
Via Giuseppe Parini, 45/47 74023 Italy
Via XX Settembre 47 75100 Italy
Via Sestri, 46 16154 Italy
Via F. di Palma, 37 74123 Italy
Via Antonio Bernardi 1 41037 Italy
Via Dante, 6 23100 Italy
2 Place de la Libération 21000 France
Via Nassa 21 6900 Switzerland
Via C. Spinetti, 13/15 55042 Italy
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 4 67100 Italy
Corso Umberto I, 147 70056 Italy
Via Provinciale, 4 22040 Italy
Via B. Croce, 9 20090 Italy
Red Square, 3 109012 Russia
Archiepiskopou Makariou III 65 1070 Cyprus
Corso Roma, 71 73014 Italy
Via dei Giudicati, 35 09131 Italy
Via A.Diaz, 196 80047 Italy
Corso Strada Nuova 47 27100 Italy
Via del Tritone, 61 00187 Italy
Via Siris 147 75025 Italy
Corso Vittoria Colonna, 176 80077 Italy
Via Seggiari, 11 80049 Italy
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 29 06049 Italy
Piazza della Repubblica 50123 Italy
Mkad 66 Kilometr, 8 143401 Russia
Via Velia, 30 84122 Italy
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 144 90049 Italy
C Ring Rd 6255 Qatar
Via Selva, 77 70022 Italy
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 46 66051 Italy
Corso Italia, 19 41058 Italy
Via Antonio Gramsci, 180 89020 Italy
103 Grand-Rue 1661 Luxembourg
154 N Robertson Blvd N. Robertson Blvd 90048 United States
2010 E 7th St 90021 United States
Schusterstraße 33 79098 Germany
Via Carmine, 45 72100 Italy
Via Poerio, 1 07029 Italy
Via de Castro 18 09170 Italy
Viale Italia, 18 07100 Italy
Viale Marconi, 41 09129 Italy
Corso Appio Claudio, 10/12 04022 Italy
Via Aurelia Nord Km.76 00053 Italy
Via di Tor Sapienza, 35 A/B/C 00155 Italy
Piazza Roma 04011 Italy
Viale Trieste, 45 36075 Italy
Via Antoniana, 220 35011 Italy
30 - 34 St Andrew Square EH2 2AD United Kingdom
Piazza Daniele Ranzoni, 31 28921 Italy
Via Circonvallazione 6 39057 Italy
Via Dante Alighieri, 2 34122 Italy
Via Udine, 107 33050 Italy
Via Nazionale, 9 33010 Italy
Via Atonio Bardelli,4 33035 Italy
Piazzale Antonio Cantore, 12 20123 Italy
Corso Vercelli, 30/32 20145 Italy
Via Vallazze, 106 20131 Italy del Duomo 20121 Italy
Via Ponte Vetero, 9 20121 Italy
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