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Founded in 2004
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Padded jacket
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Duvetica from Japan, with its success.

Duvetica, whose name comes from the combination of "duvet", the French word that identifies the fine bow/duvet produced in France and used for all garments, with "ethics" at the base of the production chain, is the result of five business partners, all experts in the textile industry.

It was in 2004, when the Duvetica brand began to appear on market with a single product, the duvet, mainly winter and without a logo. The strategy is particular: they direct sales to the high market and only to the Japanese market.

It happened, however, that many Italians, returning from the Sol Levante, wondered what was the origin of the brand known in Japan and how to track it in Europe, and then discovered with surprise that it was a Made in Italy. Thus, was born the first showroom in Italy and after only ten years, the company of Mogliano Veneto, celebrates an undisputed national and global commercial success.

With a soft feather outerwear with intense colors, Duvetica, focuses on the quality and wearability of its product the brand and manages to impose itself on the crowded fashion market, inventing from nothing with its own codes, from the all-over zip to the particular and extended color range, now easily recognizable by consumers. Varied luxury composition of the final product: nylon and gray goose feathers are French, Japanese interiors and the most fashionable fabrics come from Italy.

Today, Duvetica is located in Japan, a market from which the brand was initially founded, as well as in Europe, United States, Canada, South Korea, China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Duvetica Duvetica `Peppino` Padded Jacket 850.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Grumium` Vest 570.00 €
Duvetica duvetica ughetti jacket Price 550 € 46 % 297 €
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Duvetica duvetica fossi vest Price 480 € 46 % 259,2 €
reduced price on store's website
Duvetica Duvetica `Ottavio` Padded Jacket 370.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Raffaella` Padded Jacket 820.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Raffaella` Padded Jacket 820.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Feliciotto` Full-Zip Cardigan 750.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Filucca` Padded Vest 440.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Cedegolo` Quilted Jacket 640.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Cedegolo` Quilted Jacket 640.00 €
Duvetica Duvetica `Alloro` Padded Vest 690.00 €
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Via Bruno Giordano,139 63822 Italy
Via Solferino, 7 20121 Italy
Viale Umberto I 28 04100 Italy
Katharinenstraße 32-35 28195 Germany
Wilhelminenstraße 7b 64283 Germany
Via S.Stefano, 27 33030 Italy
Via De Tillier, 12 11100 Italy
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 91 70022 Italy
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 11 63822 Italy
Via Roma, 25 46100 Italy
Viale Eugenio Chiesa, 25 54100 Italy
Corso Italia, 10 34121 Italy
Corso Italia, 10 34121 Italy
Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 135 63100 Italy
Corso Mazzini, 71 26100 Italy
Ranelagh 45 D06 Ireland
via C. Montanara 6d 51100 Italy
Borgo Stretto, 50 56100 Italy
Via De Nicola 15 50136 Italy
Via Ugo Bassi 5 63074 Italy
Via Carducci 47 55042 Italy
Via Generale Arcioni 20 6900 Switzerland
Via Trento Trieste, 26 41043 Italy
Via Emilia, 273 40026 Italy
Via delle Cerbaie, 24 55011 Italy
Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini, 39R 16121 Italy
Via della Libertà, 5 90139 Italy
Via del Prione, 205-207-209 19121 Italy
Viale Carducci, 74 (Lido degli Estensi) 44029 Italy
Maffeistraße, 7 80333 Germany
Viale A. Vespucci, 11 47042 Italy
1F & 2F, Citic Square, Jing‘an District China
Via Enrico Parisi, 17/19 90141 Italy
Via Roma,161 81031 Italy
Via Fratelli Rosselli 35/A 60033 Italy
Piazza della Resistenza, 13 24040 Italy
Corso Messapia, 49 74015 Italy
Via Fontana, 96 23041 Italy
Viale Luigi Cadorna, 14/A 70033 Italy
Via Costarelli, 8 95131 Italy
Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 71 87100 Italy
Corso Italia, 53/57 52027 Italy
Corso Mazzini, 75 31044 Italy
Corso Nizza 36 12100 Italy
Piazzetta Maraini angolo Via Nassa 6900 Switzerland
Via Sant'Agostino, 6 12084 Italy
Via Ruvo, 29 70033 Italy
Via Pietrino Belli, 1 12051 Italy
Via Ponte Vetero, 9 20121 Italy
Monkville Parade, Finchley Rd NW11 0AL United Kingdom
21 New Cathedral Street M1 1AD United Kingdom
253 Post St 94108 United States
80 Wooster St 10012 United States
Markt 8 33098 Germany
Piazzetta di Puntaldia 08020 Italy
Via Stella 15 37121 Italy
Via Ugo Ojetti, 205 00137 Italy
Via R. Browning n. 181 310011 Italy
Corso Cavour, 106 28041 Italy
Corso Nizza, 1 12100 Italy
65 Wharfside St B1 1RE United Kingdom
30 - 34 St Andrew Square EH2 2AD United Kingdom
Via Torino, 15 13900 Italy
Via Vittorio Emanuele, 26 12051 Italy
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