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Stores in Genoa



In the Ligurian chief town it is easy to get lost among the characteristic "caruggi" which even the singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André mentioned in his texts, being surprised by the walls and the ancient buildings that still retain the charm of the Ancient Maritime Republic. You can "breathe" the long history of the port city and its inhabitants, skilled sailors and clever merchants of the Mediterranean. Much of the old city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but the city has managed to grow by giving itself an even more modern face, thanks to the construction of new structures and the restoration of existing buildings.

The central point for Genoese shopping is represented by the main streets that branch off from Piazza De Ferraris: the most elegant are certainly via Roma and the nearby via XX Settembre and XXV Aprile where it is possible to find the stores of the most prestigious brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo and multi-brand stores such as Vinicio Boutique (located in the Galleria De Barbieri), a reference point for fans of prestigious items. Right next to Via XX Settembre, a visit to Piazza Della Vittoria with its beautiful floral arrangements is not to be missed. A few steps away is also the famous Galleria Giuseppe Mazzini, where you can also find slightly lower profile brands, such as Twin-Set, Atelier Emè, Pinkoand many fast fashion stores.

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+39 010583319 Genoa, Italy
Via XXV Aprile 52r, 16123 Genoa, Italy
+39 010583319
[email protected]
Saturday: 10:00-13:00 15:00-19:30
10:00-13:00 15:00-19:30Sunday: Closed Closed
010 407 2983 Genoa, Italy
Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 164 D rosso, 16167 Genoa, Italy
010 407 2983
[email protected]
Saturday: 09:30-13:00 15:30-19:30
09:30-13:00 15:30-19:30Sunday: 10:00-13:00 15:30-19:0010:00-13:00 15:30-19:00
+39 010 561028 Genoa, Italy
Via 12 Ottobre, 130, 16121 Genoa, Italy
+39 010 561028
[email protected]
+39 019 806362 Savona, Italy
Via Pia, 4, 17100 Savona, Italy
+39 019 806362
[email protected]
+39 0100986837 Genoa, Italy
Via Sestri 144 R, 16154 Genoa, Italy
+39 0100986837
[email protected]
Saturday: 09:30-19:30
09:30-19:30Sunday: ClosedClosed
0106531722 Genoa, Italy
Via Sestri, 158R, 16154 Genoa, Italy
Saturday: 9:30-19:30
9:30-19:30Sunday: Closed Closed
010 313289 Genoa, Italy
Via Giordano Bruno, 13 , 16146 Genoa, Italy
010 313289
[email protected]
Saturday: 10:00-12:30 16:00-19:30
10:00-12:30 16:00-19:30Sunday: ClosedClosed
347 234 2858 Genoa, Italy
Vico della Casana, 53, 16123 Genoa, Italy
347 234 2858
Saturday: 10:00-14:00 15:30-19:30
10:00-14:00 15:30-19:30Sunday: Closed Closed
+ 010 553 6958 Genoa, Italy
Via Domenico Fiasella, 40/r, 16100 Genoa, Italy
+ 010 553 6958
Saturday: 10:00-19:30
10:00-19:30Sunday: ClosedClosed
Genoa, Italy
C. Buenos Aires, 9/R, 010 580632 Genoa, Italy
[email protected]
Saturday: 09:30–12:30 15:30–19:30
09:30–12:30 15:30–19:30Sunday: Closed Closed
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The city of Genoa is a great place to do a varied and quality shopping! In the area of Porto Vecchio, along the Portici di Sottoripa, you can breathe a very characteristic atmosphere, as if you were going back in time: as many as 450 historic shops in the city have been surveyed, including crafts and products of all kinds, especially typical food. Also in the Portici area, via San Luca and via Orefici are the areas for more "convenient" shopping, while in via Luccoliit is easy to find shops for the home and the person. 

A few kilometers from the city are the towns of Santa Margherita, Rapallo and Portofino, some of the chicest destinations in Italy frequented by VIPs, Hollywood stars and supermodels, where you can find other prestigious fashion boutiques. But the center is a timeless city, where you can get lost after a wild shopping: stroll and enjoy the dozens of typical Ligurian products, relaxing in the evening lights of Via Garibaldi or those of Porto Antico or, for young people, looking for the city's nightlife in the district of Sarzano. Or, the best place to enjoy a coffee is on the roofs of Genoa, thanks to the breathtaking view that there is from Spianata Castelletto. You can get there by a lift dug into the rock and once you get to the top you are faced with the history of the city, old and new that together create the skyline of Genoa today.

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