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Founded in 1988
Via Carlo Botta, 8
   20135 Milan  Italy
+39 0255015997
History & Philosophy
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Based in the heart of the new fashion headquarter in Porta Romana, Giacomo Pagani and Maria Iannotta’s open space represents a balanced mix of style and research: men’s and women’s collections are merchandised within a sober game created by windows playing with the warm shades of cream.

The space is developed in order to receive its different clients who arrive, live their choice and return here season by season. The achievement of a meeting point between stylists and clients is the clear target of the structure. The interpretation of needs is pursued following the principle of listening; due to this approach, the lay-out is simple and minimal, as coherence is a priority.

The organization of space and the visual merchandising are clear, easy to read, aimed to the creation of a widespread sensation of continuity and harmony across the 800mq of exhibition. The philosophy of smart sobriety is supported by the whole of the staff, on one side providing the client with the sensation of being at ease, on the other granting a full time service. Since 1988 up to now, Breramode has stated its own reliability, witnessed by a constant increase of customized clients: styles and languages meet and distances no longer exist.

The show room has therefore an international appeal with a market background reaching each corner of the world.


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