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The Tiffi brand is today one of the icons of Made in Italy in the world thanks to its splendid shoe collections. The company was born and developed rapidly in the Naples area thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of the Battista brothers. Heirs of a noble footwear tradition, they have cleverly combined the choice of an unmistakable design with a wealth of precious details.

In fact, Tiffi shoes stand out for their extreme elegance. From the simplest heeled sandals to the most elaborate and enriched with crystals and semi-precious stones, each model is suitable for those looking for a detail rich in style and personality. The innate elegance of the Tiffi collections is declined in different models: sandals with stiletto heels and plateaus, but also very comfortable wedges, chunky heels and ankle boots.

Tiffi creates every handmade product: from the cut of the leather to the seam, all the phases are done by hand. Each production step is marked not only by manual dexterity of absolute value, but also by a meticulous control process. The results of so much passion are shoes that respect very high quality standards: a dream dedicated to women.

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Van Woustraat 76 1073 Netherlands
Piazza Matteotti 6 20063 Italy
Via Palmiro Togliatti 2 00173 Italy
Viale Adua, 54-56 51100 Italy
Via Cavour, 61 28041 Italy
Piazza Aldo Moro, 41 70044 Italy
Via Vittorio Veneto, 63 52100 Italy
Via Isonzo, 187 04100 Italy
Via Giampaolo Orsini, 100/a 50126 Italy
Via Benedetto Cairoli, 19 59100 Italy
Via Benedetto Cairoli, 19 59100 Italy
Viale Amendola, 18/20 84025 Italy
Via Maso, 1 37054 Italy
Via A.Diaz, 196 80047 Italy
Il Campo, 30-31 53100 Italy
Via Nazionale, 135 33010 Italy
via Case Nuove 25D 61041 Italy
Via Costarelli, 8 95131 Italy
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 132 84091 Italy
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 144 90049 Italy
Via Emilia 82 27058 Italy
Piazza Giorgione, 10 31033 Italy
Via Enrico Fermi, 24 30025 Italy
Louisenstraße 83 61348 Germany
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