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This story begins from a yarn sewing a sleeve and connecting many lives. That morning Saulina woke up and had a lot things to do, she choose a plain outfit created ad hoc but the strongest piece, the blazer, made her crazy: too long, too short and the sleeves, they didn’t work. Saulina is a contemporary woman, endowed with common sense , determined, fast, willfull, creative.

You can hear her even when she’s silent, you know she’s there even if you cannot see her. Every step she takes is precise, everything she does rise from the heart. That evening Saulina sat down and realised she had to create her own blazer, in order to keep her richness and the richness of every women like her.

She sketched the first blazer preferring a stretch fabric as she could be able to move freely, and she felt that she had to let the wrist free from any fabric: 54 cm standard was the lenght of all the sleeves from that moment on, built on selected fabrics and on every possible tailoring construction,for every season, occasion and to give space to any accessory or decoration.
She thought about the beloved women of her life and named the blazers one by one after them.

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Saulina Saulina - Jacket Blue 660.00 €
Saulina Saloni - Anita Jacket Brown 545.00 €
Saulina Saulina - Adelaide Jacket Verde 725.00 €
Saulina Saulina - Adelaide Jacket Brown 725.00 €
Saulina Saulina - Anna Jacket Pink Price 555.00 € 29 % 389 €
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Piazza San Pietro Martire 1 20900 Italy
Borgo Stretto, 28 56127 Italy
Via Mascheroni, 12 20145 Italy
Via Giannantonio Manci, 80 38122 Italy
Via Mazzini, 34 25121 Italy
Via Martiri della Libertà, 10 31100 Italy
Corso G.Garibaldi, 24 29121 Italy
Via Matteotti Giacomo, 6 24047 Italy
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