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Maria Sapio

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Maria Sapio, “An independent brand to wear dreams”.


Knitwear is an expression of art; it is a limitless universe, and during the process of making of a garment, we bear witness to the incredible metamorphosis of raw material into enchanted, dreamlike weavings; Maria Sapio’s collections get inspiration from the natural world: nature seen in its most celestial and impalpable aspects.

The dialogue between material and its treatment is central to the birth of each garment; each creation is a precious, unique piece of high fashion. Raw materials used are completely sustainable and the work process follows a code of ethics in which experience and handling knowledge are key. In the warping of the garments, to be explored through sight and touch, geometric rigor and organic softness exist in harmony.

Maria Sapio was born in Italy and grew up in Germany, developing a rich and multifaceted personality through the combined influence of the two cultures. It was in knitwear design that Maria best expressed her creative verve and after finishing her studies at Polimoda in Florence, she immediately began working for a major yarn production company.

In 2018 Maria presented her first Knit Couture collection at White in Milan during Fashion Week.

During the same year, Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, recognized her in the Contemporary Fashion Brand division of the Taomoda Awards.

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