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Kilt heritage

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Founded in 2014
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Kiltheritage, italian design brand specialized in the production of unusual jackets.

KILTHERITAGE is approaching the fashion world with a very clear concept; a concept, free to choose how and in which way to propose, trying to avoid any already beaten paths.

They do their best to transfer to the brand a sincerity of work we own. Their aim is to win against any outdated and incredible archetype….which is often empty of any meaning, as static as it tries to be amazing and new at all costs.

The team defines their philosphy like this: "Our work has to be expressive, as our product has to; everything has to look like the ones, who work behind the project; our work is the result of our usual critical and desecrating essence, our open and close mind at the same time, that we are used to put in everything we do.

We choose UNUSUAL as claim, not with the intention to show any non conventionality and any coolness: UNUSUAL is our nature; we have a critical clear thinking; we want to be ourselves; we want normality, that we are really missing.

We want to be free to customize as we prefer our lives: our offices are not constraints nor places, but they give us the opportunity to develop our personality, with any emotional limiting factor; that’s the reason why we made a travel jacket, that gives us the opportunity to work any time, when we want, at our best convenience."

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Viale Gugliemo Marconi 63/64/65 55049 Italy
Viale Giuseppe Saragat 9 43044 Italy
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