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Founded in 1837
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Hermès is a French fashion company. The history of the company began in 1837, when Thierry Hermès, saddler, opened a bag for harness and horse harness in Paris. The successors transferred collected in the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, in the place that has become historical and which is still the headquarters of the maison and its commercial catwalk.

Hermès has not always been a fashion house as we know it today: originally, and for many years after its foundation, the company had nothing to do with luxury and made equestrian equipment. So the brand was born and specialized in luxury leather goods, and then expanded its savoir faire in their collections. Bags, accessories, clothing and shoes with timeless elegance, thanks to the precious materials and a classic but refined style.

In the 1920s there was a big change: Hermès began to take an interest in women's and men's fashion, devoting himself to the production of watches, jewelery, sports accessories and furnishings. With this turning point, the maison lays the foundation for the company as we know it today.

Leather and silk are already the most used materials by Hermès, soon also included in the Prêt-a-Porter collection. A line that, unlike the Haute Couture, is not necessary to order: being characterized by standard sizes and more affordable prices, Prêt-a-Porter garments can be purchased and worn without waiting. An important part of this adaptation to modern everyday life is the introduction of the Birkin bag, one of Hermès' best sellers.

The popularity of the brand has over time reached Asia, the United States and the rest of Europe, increasing dramatically year after year, so that the company's turnover has gone from 429 million in 1978 to 1149 in 2017.

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Kutuzovsky Ave, 48 121108 Moscow Russia
Red Square, 3 109012 Moscow Russia
Pereulok Stoleshnikov, 12 125009 Moscow Russia
Bolshaya Konyushennaya St, 21-23 191186 St Petersburg Russia
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