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Doria 1905

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Doria 1905, a brand and a product based on tradition, craftsmanship and quality, which has its roots in the sartorial tradition of handmade.
Coppole, trilby, cloche, berets, caps, drop and fedora, expressions of excellence of the Italian tailoring tradition, declined in a contemporary natural style, which interprets modern and accessible elegance.
Maximum care and attention are reserved to the choice of materials, the refinement of details and respect for the history and experience of "handmade", while maintaining unaltered work handed down from generation to generation, even if innovated by an advanced technique.
Doria1905 proposes a restyling of the classic hat made with humor and rigor, inspired by a refined and linear creativity.
The Doria1905 hat is not a simple headgear but a precious accessory, the result of passion, skill and dedication.
An all-Italian challenge, that of a group of entrepreneurs who decides to invest in a product of classical inspiration, to declinate it into an innovative and refined accessory, which best interprets the history, style and elegance of Made in Italy in a modern context. A momentum that is felt in the same pay-off of the brand: Handmade Passion!

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piazza xx settembre, 21 46041 Italy
via fantaguzzi, 32 47521 Italy
via corso del popolo, 65 31100 Italy
piazza prampolini, 1/c 42121 Italy
corso vittorio emanuele, 5 70121 Italy
via palestro, 38 16038 Italy
Corso Cavour, 2 06121 Italy
P.zza Angelo Dibona, 5 32043 Italy
via Roma 35 12100 Italy
Via Cernaia 32 20121 Italy
1 West 6th Street 45202 United States
273 West 121st Street 10027 United States
47 Elm Street 06510 United States
Viale Stefano Franscini, 16 6900 Switzerland
Marktpl. 2 4001 Switzerland
Puerto Portals, Local, 84 07184 Spain
Carrer del Consell de Cent, 314 08007 Spain
Carrer de Fontanella, 20 08010 Spain
Via dei Vecchietti, 22 R 50123 Italy
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 27 10125 Italy
Via Marconi 6-11-13 36043 Italy
Piazza S. Martino, 31 20010 Italy
Via Cavour, 2 12042 Italy
S. Marco, 3653 30124 Italy
Via Pretorio, 26 20013 Italy
Via Sant'Orsola, 20 24122 Italy
Via Roma, 40, 37038 Italy
Via Armando Diaz, 2 34121 Italy
Steingasse 12 86150 Germany
piazza marconi 14 46100 Italy
via C. Montanara 6d 51100 Italy
Corso Mazzini 27 26100 Italy
Piazza Luigi Ferrari 2 47921 Italy
Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 68 73100 Italy
Via della Spada 19R 50123 Italy
Via Maurizio Gonzaga, 5 20123 Italy
Via del Tritone, 61 00187 Italy
Piazza della Repubblica 50123 Italy
Via Roma, 289 90133 Italy
Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 15 10100 Italy
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