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Founded in 2009
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Dollyandmolly, womenswear brand based in Tokyo.

DOLLYANDMOLLY is a womenswear brand born in 2009 based in Tokyo.

From its name, dolly and molly depicts both two different beings and diverse selves within one. Though facing affray and friction evermore, there is always been a way to coexistence.

Perceiving of opposites as its ground, the team aims to distort existing idee fixe; stereotypes, something that are fixed, conventional or habitual. It is plugged with spirit of punk and youth culture; anti-social, deconstructive and rebellious souls seeking for break-through in complex and unstable reality we are living in. From perspective of design, it does not have to be luxurious and beautiful all the time. It does not have to make sense all the time. It is for those who bear endemic character of one’s life and style. It is for those who speak out, perceiving fashion as  another method of expression toward the world, to find a way. To replace in every possible sense, the team started by doubting things around us, from even the common ones, and approached with new perspective. Faux fur and artificial leather replaced original materials for products that were considered as luxury, such as fur/shearing coats and biker jackets. Combination of fabrics and items were made to create outfit through deconstruction and modification. Closing of the garments was turned around and following that of menswear.

Street-forwarded products were born through distortion of prescriptive products and its ideas. Such attempts were done to suggest alternatives and to overturn conventional thoughts from the inside. For colors, black and white is the base. Intensive red, as an accent, and as a emblematic color of the brand, was used to illustrate rebellious and decadent elegance that brand carries along with messages toward the outside world.


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