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Brooks Brothers

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Founded in 1818
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Brooks Brothers, a 200-year-old American story. 

The historic American brand was founded in April 1818, in New York City, under the name of "D. H. Brooks & Co.". Born as a small workshop of makers and merchants, it was then established almost immediately as a reference point in ready-to-wear for those seeking a style and elegance classic and timeless

The uniqueness and authenticity of the brand, immediately recognizable, has always been based on the same immutable values: "To produce and distribute only the best quality products, to sell them generating a fair profit and to propose them only to those who seek and are able to appreciate this quality". It is no coincidence that he can boast of having dressed 39 out of 44 American presidents! 

But Brooks Brothers is not only synonymous with tradition, but also innovation: the brand is in fact known worldwide because they were the first to invent the "button-down" shirts,  that kind of models that have buttons on the collar, and also, thanks to them we owe different types of fabric such as the "madras" and the "seersucker". More recently, however, many of their shirts have been made with "non-iron" fabric technology.

The logo, adopted in 1850, is a golden fleece suspended by a ribbon. Initially, it was the recognizable symbol of English wool merchants, but today it is synonymous with sophisticated elegance.

At the end of the '90s the company seems to be in crisis, it needs to be relaunched: among the potential investors and buyers there is Claudio Del Vecchio, son of the owner of Luxottica. The negotiations for the acquisition would be finalized in September 2001, on the 13th. But unfortunately, on that day the headquarters would no longer exist, the potential investors remained only in two and the winner was Del Vecchio: he restructured and reopened the store in front of the Twin Towers exactly one year after the massacre. Today, at Brooks Brothers, there is a lot of Italianism because the production machines, and those who manage them, are all Made in Italy as well as the future of the brand is increasingly focused on the peninsula.

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Brooks Brothers BROOKS BROTHERS | Extra Slim Non Iron Shirt 135.00 €
Brooks Brothers BROOKS BROTHERS | Non Iron Extra Slim Shirt 135.00 €
Brooks Brothers BROOKS BROTHERS | Non Iron Shirt 135.00 €
Brooks Brothers BROOKS BROTHERS | Non Iron Extra Slim Shirt 135.00 €
Brooks Brothers Brooks Brothers | Camicie Camicia 135.00 €
Brooks Brothers Brooks Brothers | Camicie Camicia 135.00 €
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