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Founded in 2015
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Brognano, street romance

Nicola Brognano is the young designer who founded the homonymous brand. Through his studies at the Marangoni Institute in Milan and the work achieved for Giambattista Valli and Dolce e Gabbana he acquired a fundamental role in the fashion scene, so much that in June 2016 he won the "Who Is On Next" contest sponsored by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma.

2015 marks the launch year of the Brognano brand, whose spirit is made up of femininity, romanticism and eclecticism.
An obsession, typical of the brand, is men's daywear reinterpreted through feminine details and fabrics. A peculiarity of Brgonano is indeed to bring the dualism of opposing worlds such as menswear and hyper-femininity to the catwalk.

Thus, on a look with a clearly sportswear soul, romantic overlaps follow one another that mark a radical break and shout loud femininity through the assiduous use of fabrics such as macramé and tulle.

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Brognano BROGNANO T-shirt con tulle Price 190.00 € 50 % 95 €
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Brognano BROGNANO T-shirt con tulle Price 190.00 € 50 % 95 €
reduced price on store's website
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