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BePopsy, the swimwear with a glamorous taste and comfortable practicality

BePopsy was founded with the ambition to create functional, comfortable swimwear with a glamorous twistIronic and empowering at once, the brand interprets elegance and comfort through one-of-a-kind design concepts of exceptional quality. Each creation is a celebration of the innate sensuality of every woman, enhancing both figure and personality.

The brand, 100% Made in Italy, embodies the essence of fine design and the uniquely Italian sensibility for interpretation and attention to detail. BePopsy stands to become a wardrobe must-have thanks to its eco-friendly, high-quality fabrics with a raw-edge style that uniquely embrace and enhance the figure of any woman.

All BePopsy collections feature products of outstanding craftsmanship that are incredibly versatile, designed to be worn on the beach as well as in the city, with a leisure style that embraces women in every moment of their daily life.

Founder and creative director Olimpia Boniperti believes in creating garments that enhance physical beauty by adapting to line and curves, starting from a careful selection of fine-quality materials.

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Viale Filippo Corridoni, 4E 47838 Italy
Via Nazario Sauro, 1/B 43121 Italy
Via Antonio Gramsci, 37/C 48015 Italy
Via Roma, 67 98050 Italy
Via del Tritone, 61 00187 Italy
Piazza della Repubblica 50123 Italy
Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 15 10100 Italy
Piazza Risorgimento, 10 20129 Italy
Via S. Marco, 1 20121 Italy
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