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Offered in endless combinations of fits and washes, from casual to refined, jeans lay the foundation for the contemporary woman's wardrobe. From wide-leg jeans by JW Anderson and Acne Studios, to skinny jeans by Off-White that accentuate feminine silhouettes, and five-pocket jeans in distinctive washes like Dsquared2, our denim selection showcases the latest trends you can indulge in to create comfortable looks with unique style.

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zadig&voltaire denim back lavé
5.0 100

Zadig & Voltaire

zadig&voltaire denim back lavé 79 €
bottega veneta straight cut jeans
5.0 100

Bottega Veneta

bottega veneta straight cut jeans 650 €
dsquared jeans in denim
5.0 100


dsquared jeans in denim 620 €
tommy hilfiger modern straight mid blue
5.0 100

Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger modern straight mid blue 60 €
dsquared jeans in denim
5.0 100


dsquared jeans in denim 590 €
dsquared jeans wide leg
5.0 100


dsquared jeans wide leg 520 €
ann demeulemeester jeans "claire"
5.0 100


ann demeulemeester jeans "claire" 430 €
elisabetta franchi jeans with logo
5.0 100

Elisabetta Franchi

elisabetta franchi jeans with logo 295 € 58 % 123,9 €
reduced price on store's website
5.0 100


versace 250 €
5.0 100


versace 225 €
Moncler Palm Angels - Blue Denim Stressed Jeans
5.0 100

Moncler Genius - 8 Moncler Palm Angels

Moncler Palm Angels - Blue Denim Stressed Jeans 540.00 €
emporio armani
5.0 100

Emporio Armani

emporio armani 150 €
Moncler Genius `Palm Angels` - Jeans
5.0 100

Moncler Genius

Moncler Genius `Palm Angels` - Jeans 540.00 €
FENDI Jeans dritti a vita alta in denim di cotone lavato blu scuro
5.0 100


FENDI Jeans dritti a vita alta in denim di cotone lavato blu scuro 850.00 €
MONCLER PALM ANGELS flared patchwork cotton denim jeans Moncler Genius x Palm Angels
5.0 100
POLO RALPH LAUREN 211860099 001
5.0 100

Polo Ralph Lauren

POLO RALPH LAUREN 211860099 001 139.00 € 20 % 111,2 €
reduced price on store's website
5.0 100


MSGM Jeans stampa stelle
5.0 100


MSGM Jeans stampa stelle 380.00 €
Mother `The Weekender Fray` Jeans
5.0 100

Mother Jeans

Mother `The Weekender Fray` Jeans 333.00 €
Miu Miu Jeans
5.0 100

Miu Miu

Miu Miu Jeans 1150.00 €
Frame Woman `Le High` Straight Raw Edge Jeans
5.0 100


Frame Woman `Le High` Straight Raw Edge Jeans 253.00 €
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Attractive, yet practical and simple. Today, jeans are considered a kind of second skin; a garment that is impossible to part with.

Jeans have been a part of the history of entire generations and are still the clothing icon par excellence: first worn only by men, blue canvas trousers now occupy a large space in women's wardrobes. Originally conceived as workwear, denim is worn every day on all occasions, from leisure time to work, as well as on special evenings.

Thanks to the wide selection of different models and fits on offer, they can satisfy and enhance all body types. Distortions, fading and fraying give this garment a structural interest, as seen for example in Miu Miu jeans, while embroidery, studs and crystals add a graphic impact and a totally personalised charm to the garment, as shown by Ermanno Scervino's proposals.

To add a touch of brightness to your look, you can opt for denim in light, delicate tones such as Isabel Marant's straight-fit jeans, just as you can consider Stella McCartney slouchy jeans enlivened by a multicolour liquid graphic print that completely livens up your image.

Invented in the 1800s, the iconic denim material was first adopted by miners and cowboys, before being worn by Hollywood legends, youth subculture rebels and rock stars. A cult item for John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando and James Dean, jeans were also loved by musicians. The first historical mention of blue jeans can be traced back to the city of Genoa in the 16th century, more precisely to the old port of the Ligurian capital, where this blue coloured fabric was created and used for the manufacture of ships' sails and tarpaulins, as it was very strong, durable and easily washable.

With the great emigrations around the nineteenth century, denim from Genoa reached America where it began to be used to create work clothes for miners, and it was here that the original name changed to blue jeans. However, the most classic and famous model, the indigo blue one with pockets and copper rivets, which made it suitable for a work wardrobe, was patented in 1873 by the tailor Jacob Davis, together with Levi Strauss, owner of a wholesale fabric company in San Francisco. However, it was the creation in 1890 of the Jeans Levi's 501 model that made the success of this type of fabric. Over the next decade, more improvements were made to the design of the garment, with Strauss adding a double orange arch stitching to reinforce the structure, making it a trademark that still identifies the Levi's brand today.

From the 1920s and 1930s, promotional images of actresses such as Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard in jeans convinced women all over the world to also wear this garment. Over time, a multitude of models were industrialised to suit any body shape: bell-bottom, straight-fit, cigarette, slouchy, flare, high-waisted, low crotch, zipped and buttoned, as well as a multitude of colours, taking advantage of the many dyes available on the market today.

In 1947, Wrangler was the first to launch bootcut denim or “cowboy denim” and from that moment on, no woman was ever without them because, enriched with thick belts, they emphasised every waistline. A good 40 years later, in 1991, they made their appearance on the big screen and acquired even more value by being worn by the protagonists of the film "Thelma & Louise". Would you like to be inspired by their mood and take on a bewitching aura thanks to a slimming bootcut denim? Then you can't miss Tory Burch's jeans, as well as those from Frame, which refer to both vintage inspirations and contemporary silhouettes. If, on the other hand, what you're looking for is a relaxed look, the choice is definitely the boyfriend model, with a masculine cut, comfortable and not tight. The first to launch them were the girlfriends on the hunt for jeans in the men's wardrobes of the 50s and 60s, such as Pink Lady Jan from "Grease". As the years went by, denim manufacturers started to offer models designed specifically for women.

With the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, high fashion also started to take an interest in this garment; in 1976, Calvin Klein was the first designer to put a pair of blue jeans on the catwalk. A little later, Fiorucci's Buffalo 70 skinny jeans made their debut. These dark-washed jeans were expensive and hard to come by, but nevertheless highly desirable.

A timeless revival item that is now back on trend is the mom fit jeans, which is characterised by a high waist, straight legs and slightly curved sides. There's no denying that mom jeans are one of the coolest styles of the moment. They take us back to the fabulous 80s and early 90s, when actresses such as Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan wore them with extreme ease in numerous unforgettable films. They were also adored by the guys from "Beverly Hills 90210", as well as those from the TV series "Friends", who made their mark on an era, thanks to their always impeccable look marked by this very denim model! In short, a pair of jeans that recalls the taste of youth, a fresh garment with a sporty and casual accent, which as well as adding femininity to a woman's outfit also helps to slim the figure, making it more agile and dynamic.

Jeans today are not just a casual garment, they are also part of a particular and refined style, such as the raw denim unwashed model, in homage to the Japanese purist philosophy. In this case, Bottega Veneta's refined cuts are perfectly matched with a tailored shirt, to make your look even more sophisticated. Straight-leg jeans, on the other hand, have now been cleared through customs by Maison Margiela: without flares or darts, they are mainly characterised by a turned-up bottom. Perfectly combinable with heels or trainers, they are now synonymous with versatility, giving them pride of place in everyone's wardrobe.

More than just an item of clothing, jeans are therefore a real must-have, so popular and established that Yves Saint Laurent himself said: "I have often said that I would have liked to invent blue jeans". In fact, blue jeans are now one of the key items in a woman's wardrobe and are increasingly popular with designers who, although they used to view denim with suspicion, have gradually allowed themselves to be fascinated by the fabric's great potential for expression and processing. There was a time when cool jeans required a do-it-yourself approach, but thanks to the visionary designers of the moment, this is no longer a necessity because there are so many treatments to experiment with on the material, such as acid bathing, sandblasting and embossing.

Comfortable and versatile, easy to wash and always on trend. Jeans are therefore among the most interesting inventions that we owe to the history of costume. Seasons pass, tastes and fashions change, but denim always remains the most used and loved garment by women; the faithful ally of everyday looks as it is a garment that can be torn, mended and enriched while never losing its charm. 



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