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Miu Miu


Dress to impress is a style rule to follow and, whether it's sophistication or comfort, women's dresses definitely meet this standard.
From the more voluminous shapes of the ROTATE Birger Christensen dresses or the more romantic ones embellished with ruffles, bows and ribbons proposed by Red Valentino and Philosophy, ending with the evening dresses by Balmain and Saint Laurent, without neglecting the casual and contemporary ones by Isabel Marant and Alice + Olivia, our dresses selection offers the latest trends directly from the worldwide catwalks.

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Dresses have always perfectly embodied the quintessence of femininity. Elegant and sensual, graceful and impalpable, they dress the woman's body like no other type of garment is able to do.
With a wide range of shapes ranging from tight-fitting, like the classic Chanel little dress, to a perfect bohemian style ones like the Zimmermann dresses, the dress really adapts to every style, also thanks to the multiple material diversity and lengths thus positioning itself, always in first place as a winning move in any circumstance. Easily combined with a vast assortment of shoes, the sartorial impact of the women's dress is at the discretion of the wearer, offering a contextual versatility that justifies its recurring prominence in the latest collections.
Navigating between Federica Tosi's essential minimalism and Moschino's playful eclecticism, this season's varied selection of mini dresses satisfies a multitude of stylistic contexts ranging from casual to formal, in a mix of style and practicality. The simple printed tunics typical of Etro or blazer-style dresses by The Attico with their bold shoulders that perfectly match the 80s mood together with those of Elisabetta Franchi, give a perennial refinement in today's wardrobes while the dresses with lively logos, rich textures and modern stripes like the Miu Miu proposals refresh casual dress codes. As it has been noted, in recent seasons the dresses design has focused more on cuts and structured fabrics, perfectly highlighting the trend of puffed sleeves, which also thanks to artfully draped overlays and angular hems, are projected into avant-garde territories, exactly like Alexander McQueen's dresses. Embellished with refined embroidery, beads and sequins, the semi-transparent evening interpretations made of lace, tulle and mesh instead express a romanticism typical of fairy tales such as those told by Giambattista Valli or Aniye By. On the other hand, there are different variants characterized by soft constructions similar to those of t-shirts or sweatshirts that easily improve casual clothing, thus passing from the innate elegance of the dress to an increasingly urgent need for comfort as in the case of the streetwear style that sees protagonists are oversized knitted or cotton dresses like those seen on the Off-White and GCDS catwalks.
Offering a seemingly endless breadth of modeling opportunities, mid-length dresses work both as a simple and conservative alternative to shorter styles, and as an avenue for unusual experiments in length and texture.
The latest arrivals of designers highlight the unlimited creativity that the midi dress incites, making it a must-have in any collection that is mainly based on classic constructions.
A traditional approach to this garment can be, for example, the one proposed by Prada which for the day promotes the chemisier while for the evening, the dress takes on decidedly more retro shapes, but with sustainable fabrics such as the now famous Re-nylon.
Faithfully tied to 70s fashion, with his graphic prints, the Gucci dresses injects a welcome dose of forward-looking glow into this garment in a style historically linked to the conventions of femininity.
The extended hems ending in the mid-calf prove complementary to primitive heels, paying homage to couture traditions such as those of Dolce & Gabbana dresses that continue to find their place in collections today.
Elsewhere, bold graphic prints and unconventional proportions create an eclectic mix of everyday simplicity and avant-garde ambition by making the dresses of MM6 Maison Margiela a platform for models that capture the multifaceted nature of current women's clothing.
Straight or wide, the long dress is a symbol of femininity and unlike its shorter counterparts, women's long dresses can reflect both the rich history of the traditional evening dress such as the proposals by Alberta Ferretti, or Valentino as well as the contemporary domestic given with modern and clean lines like those of Max Mara.
The maxi dresses, contrary to what one might think, are really versatile and can be worn anywhere: whether it's at the park, on the beach, at a cocktail party or even at a concert. Furthermore, depending on the occasion, it is possible to combine this garment with the most varied accessories and shoes, but the fundamental thing is that it really adapts to every season. From the more floating shapes and lively patterns like those of Versace dresses perfect for the summer, to the Twinset ones that in winter envelop the silhouette in a soft warmth made of wool and cashmere.

In short, whether they are long, short, midi, printed, asymmetrical and so on and so forth, let yourself be carried away by our dress proposals!
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