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Marc Jacobs


No longer excessively austere or immoderately feminine, skirts today have a truly versatile soul, putting the classic petticoat of yesteryear into oblivion. From the pleated skirts of Red Valentino or Balenciaga, to the more daring and richly patterned skirts of The Attico, not to mention those embellished with sequins by Marc Jacobs or Paco Rabanne, we offer a wide choice of the latest skirts that won't let you go unnoticed.


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Why not update your wardrobe with something as timeless as a skirt? Whether you're looking for a lively style or a more classic one, you'll find the perfect piece for every day mood in our selection. So a leather model like Bottega Veneta's can be perfect for a casual, elegant outfit, while a jaunty, colourful skirt like Helmut Lang's is more suited to a cocktail party. If, on the other hand, the aim is to have all eyes on you, the choice can only fall on the fluorescent miniskirts by The Andamane.

The selection also includes the tight-fitting skirts by Isabel Marant and Pinko, which are revitalised by ruffles and bows, while shiny leathers give a touch of luxury to Federica Tosi's skirts. Those who prefer models with eye-catching prints, ranging from vibrant flowers to abstract and geometric designs, can opt for skirts from GucciMiu Miu and Issey Miyake, which give the wearer a real bold look. If you're looking for a traditional yet chic approach, the perfect choices could be Prada's Re-Nylon flare mini-skirts, featuring sustainable yet cutting edge fabrics. If you want to take a more provocative approach, Balmain's iconic pencil skirts, embellished with gold buttons, are a must.

This season's wide selection of mini-skirts will further satisfy any woman's taste. In fact, we can see how short skirts are embracing a strong dynamism, managing to downsize classic casual and formal styles, thanks to the use of new materials and embracing new avant-garde silhouettes. First appearing in the 1960s, Mary Quant's miniskirt caused a sensation, thanks in part to Twiggy, the model of the moment who perfectly embodied all the values of the new generation. Today, however, the latest designer collections pay homage to traditional hemlines, but at the same time give a new air to this iconic garment, thanks to the waistlines that have been largely raised, as seen in Versace's mini skirts. This more elongated version of the skirt makes for a much more versatile silhouette, with intuitive fit potential, while also allowing it to adapt to the mix-and-match ethos. However, printed motifs continue to be present in short skirts, giving this garment a unique look, as is the case with Dries Van Noten's skirts.

Polished yet casual, contemporary midi skirt styles show a newfound versatility, making them the perfect option for all seasons. Anonyme's updated A-line silhouettes and Dolce Gabbana's pencil silhouettes do away with the old associations of the mid-length skirt with punctiliousness and classicism. And here we have Valentino's layered midi skirts that interrupt the linearity of the figure and embrace the most varied possibilities of volumes of the garment, turning it into a real cloud.

Flared or wheeled, maxi skirts best embody the essence of grace of the modern woman. On the one hand, the long skirts convey tradition, like those proposed by Max Mara, and on the other hand, a strong avant-garde soul, like the one presented by Y'S Yohji Yamamoto, in which the classic canons are totally deconstructed. Finally, in this section, the innovation proposed by Off-White immediately stands out, which has totally cleared customs of the garment, using technical fabrics that move swaying with an airy lightness, granting the wearer a disarming modernity that looks to the future with new eyes.

Mini, midi, maxi, these are just some of the types of women's skirts you can discover: whatever the occasion, there's sure to be a perfect solution for you. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and take a look!


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