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The men’s shoes, from simple accessories, over the years have become a real key element to externalize someone’s personality. To best express your character and your style you will find a wide selection of shoes for men including Saint Laurent boots, Gucci loafers, but also Moschino sandals or Birkenstock slippers perfect for the summer season. Do you have a streetwear soul? You’re in the right place! Here you will find the latest releases and limited editions of sneakers by brands such as Nike, Off-White and Balenciaga.

With our selection it is not a matter of making a statement, but rather of understanding what statement you would like to make.

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Embodying at the same time an aesthetic design based on function and a favorable preservation of streetwise appeal, today’s men’s shoes, contrary to the past, show countless stylistic opportunities for anyone wearing them. Low-top lace-ups and carefully selected slip-on shoes, echoes technological utilitarianism with futuristic shapes and innovative fabrications. Minimalist sensitivity is reinforced by modern elements. The artisan constructions of classic lace-up shoes, derby and loafers, are not only made of sumptuous leathers, but also feature attractive buckles and contrasting inserts. The favorites of the summer season, such as sandals and espadrilles instead, challenge the simple conventions to redefine themselves and their own connotative value. The sturdiness and sophistication is evident through the men’s boots, for all those who appreciate comfort as much as luxury.

It’s hard to imagine what life was like when the shoes had not yet been discovered. First of all, we can say that these arise from a real and practical need to protect the feet from external agents.
This kind of seemingly simple requirement has now become a fast-growing industry in which design is as important as functionality.
During the different ages there have been different conceptions of the world, new discoveries and new technologies that have changed the style and fashion of men’s footwear and more.

The primitive footwear, widespread during the Prehistory, were made of animal skins, as evidenced by the discovery of "Ötzi", a specimen of homo sapiens of 5,000 BC, whose mummy was discovered in 1991, were soon replaced by sandals in vegetable fiber, that saw the maximum of popularity especially in Roman times. During the Middle Ages, characterized by humility and feudalism, the first footwear structures were formed and the heel was discovered. At this time, men’s and women’s shoes were very similar, but patterns varied according to social classes. Peasants and townspeople wore heavy and dark leather boots, while the nobleman wore more fanciful footwear embellished with prints and ornaments, and often had a wooden heel. Each shoe was personally requested to the court shoemaker and was modeled and decorated according to the mood and wishes of the customer, so every single pair of shoes was unique and different.
It is only during the Renaissance and the Baroque that we can find hints of modern footwear.

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